A blog by Caltech alumni doing independent research on Knot Physics, a geometric unification theory.

The Authors


Cliff Ellgen graduated from Caltech in 1999 with a degree in mathematics. He has been contemplating Knot Physics for more than fifteen years.


Garrett Biehle received his Ph.D. from Caltech in astrophysics under advisors Kip Thorne and Roger Blandford. He worked out the structure and observational signature of stars with neutron-degenerate cores.

The Theory

Knot Physics is a unification theory that describes all physical phenomena using a branched spacetime manifold embedded in a Minkowski 6-space.

Manifold topology and geometry result in particles: Elementary fermions are topological defects in the manifold, and elementary bosons are geometric features of the manifold.

In addition, the spacetime manifold has constraints but is under-constrained; thus, the behavior of the spacetime manifold is random with respect to its degrees of freedom. Entropy maximization results in the dynamics of all physical phenomena, including quantum mechanics and all forces.

Learn more about the theory at the Knot Physics website.


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